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Derrynane Storage

  • Established in 1858
  • Consists of 36 sq. miles
  • Located in Le Sueur County
  • Population approx. 600 people

DERRYNANE STORAGE was constructed during the summer of 2016, on original farmland that has been continuously owned by the same family since June 1st, 1861, when it was deeded over as part of the Civil War and Homestead Act...the original deed bears the signature of President Abraham Lincoln. The photograph above shows a picture of the farmstead during the winter on January 6th, 1909.  The log framed house and granary shown in the photograph were constructed during the 1860s and 1870s are still surviving although are weathering from the times. 

The settlement area was originally an Irish immigrant settlement, comprised of many small farms with names like Sullivan, O'Brien, Hanlon, Fogarty, Murphy, Callahan, O'Reilly, Leary, Donovan, Moriarty, Sharkey, McNaughton, McCarthy, O'Connell, and many more, some that still remain located in the area today.

The property is located in Derrynane Township, within Le Sueur County. Derrynane Township derives its name from the Irish immigrants and named after Derrynane Abbey  in County Kerry in Ireland. Click to learn more of Derrynane Ireland.

Derrynane Township

Daniel Hanlon and Mary Sullivan wedding photo. Son-in-law and daughter of original immigrant homesteaders, Jeremiah Sullivan and Hannah McCarthy. Circa Nov. 11, 1878.

History of Derrynane...